Heard of Montessori?

Wanting some more ideas to bring child-centred learning to your classroom of 6-12 year olds?

This 1-hour seminar is packed full of practical ideas about Montessori pedagogy and how you can apply it to your classroom today.

Lisa brings her experience from teaching in Montessori and Mainstream into this practical workshop so that you can walk away with some easy to implement ideas.

Lisa covers:

  • A brief history of Maria Montessori and her ideas
  • Montessori's view of child development
  • What the inside of a Montessori classroom looks like.
  • How the day is structured in a Montessori classroom
  • Montessori resources and how they are used to encourage independence
  • How Montessorians prepare their classrooms
  • How multiage classrooms help children
  • Managing freedom with responsibility
  • The Prepared Adult. How knowing ourselves helps us be better teachers.
  • An insight into how Lisa made her 'traditional' classroom into a Montessori environment
  • Cosmic Education - a connected curriculum that caters to the whole child
  • Example of a Montessori lesson

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Lisa Dei Gratia

Lisa is a trained Montessori and State teacher from NZ with experience teaching in Montessori and Traditional classrooms with children aged 5-13. She has been teaching since 2008 and loves chocolate, books and comedy.

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