How will this help me?

Are you an experienced Montessori homeschooler or a Trained Montessori Teacher (new or experienced)?

Do you want your teaching to be sustainable and for your children to really get a holistic education?

Are you over flicking through scope and sequences as the basis of your teaching?

This course is for you!

The Montessori curriculum is so vast and sometimes we can get caught up in following a scope and sequence or a checklist.

in this course we look at the big picture or heart of Montessori and work through how to practically cover all of the Montessori Curriculum.

I'll show you:

  • How to use the 3 year Montessori cycle to cover the entire curriculum in depth
  • What a yearly plan looks like - broken up into terms or semesters
  • What a unit plan looks like
  • What a weekly plan looks like
  • How to integrate Literacy into your work cycle and ensure that children are growing in their literacy knowledge - with links to good resources!

What is included:

5 x workshops where I walk you through how to ensure children get breadth and depth in the curriculum and show you practical ways to accomplish it!

Editable 7 page google doc with:

  • A 3 yearly plan
  • Yearly plan example - broken up into terms
  • Unit plan
  • Weekly Plan
  • Literacy goals

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