Are you a Montessori 6-12 Teacher who wants to know the progression of math strategies students learn?

This self paced course is for you.

We look at

  • How students progress in their way they work out maths problems
  • Talk through how multi ability maths grouping can help your learners see other ways of progressing their knowledge.
  • Look at how we can integrate Montessori equipment into teaching number strategies.

Watch when you want and where you want any time between purchase and the next six months.

Course Curriculum

  What are math strategies?
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  Addition and Subtraction
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  Multiplication and Division
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Hi, I’m Lisa

I'm a Montessori and state trained teacher. This course takes you through different math strategies children use in their maths learning and shows practical ways you can help children in their maths learning in a Montessori class.

A sneak peak at some of the course

Have a look at some of what we cover in this preview of the multiplication and division strategies.

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